Is Triple P appropriate across cultures?

7th Oct, 2016

Adding to the literature on the cultural acceptability of Triple P across cultural context and in low resource settings is a new paper by Meija, Ulp and Calam. The paper "Preventing interpersonal violence in Panama: Is a parenting intervention developed in Australia culturally appropriate?" was just published online in the International Journal of Public Health. If you have access to the journal you can access the paper here.

A similar paper by a team in Chile published a similar study titled "Perception of Chilean Parents on the Triple P Program for Improving Parenting Practices". If you have access to the paper click here to download.

Similar results of have been found by Wessels and Ward of South Africa who examined acceptability of Triple P in a vulnerable population of battered women living in shelters. The paper published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health can be accessed online here (if you have a subscription to the journal).